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Other Sculpture

Ungulate 2015

Welded steel scrap fenceposts from the valley floor.

Ungulate is a site specific work made in the Centennial Valley, Montana, during my artist residency at the Taft Nicholson Centre - Utah University's Environmental Humanities field centre.

Birdman Maquette Edit-4.jpg

Maquette For Metamorphose

Plaster, straw, wire, spray paint

This maquette was a preliminary idea which developed into the large scale mixed media drawing 'Metamorphose'.

Two Steps Forward 2.jpg

Two Steps Forward 2010

Plaster, Straw and pigment on steel frame

I began developing this piece around 2010 as a response to the Arab Spring and the role of women in this movement and concepts of female empowerment under oppressive regimes and historical systems.

Joseph Paxton_Under Construction_1.jpg

Under Construction

Steel, polystyrene, laminated plywood, concrete

This is a piece that I created in my studio after a period of noticing large amounts of construction work occurring in London and the vast amount of cranes that could be seen on the skyline. It got me thinking about our built environment and how nature is effected by our human made urban environments, and contemplating where birds and other animals find refuge and shelter amongst our urban landscape and infrastructure.

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