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b:1981, Monmouthshire


Joseph Paxton's work broadly explores what it is to be a living being. Struggle, endeavour, the psychological juxtapositions of strength, vulnerability, simplicity and complexity, are explored largely through the animal form, which he sees as a gateway to our 'human animal' selves. 


Through growing up in a rural environment, Paxton has always felt animals to be a connecting link to our natural history and past. 

His visceral use of materials harks back to ancient methods of building and connects the figures he creates, to the physical landscape. 


Many of Paxton's works are cast into bronze, which he sees as a process of metamorphosis, in which the original fragile work is completely destroyed in the moulding process, giving life to a more durable iteration of the form in bronze. This creates work that maintains the appearance of fragility but is in reality strong and resilient and speaks of the ephemeral and permanent, within nature.

Paxton was born in rural Wales and studied Fine Art at Newcastle University from 2001-2005. He currently lives and works in London.

He is also a musician/violinist, from which he draws inspiration.


Mixed media drawing/painting by sculptor Joseph Paxton

Image © Joseph Paxton

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