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Projects & Events

HAIRraising is a fundraising appeal founded by John Frieda and leading lights of the hairdressing world. It aims to raise £1million towards new operating theatres at Great Ormond Street Hospital.The HARE STYLING event by Michael Van Clarke and Karen Welman took place in March 2011 and cullminated in a Gala Ball at the Dorchester Hotel, where the top canvases were auctioned off by Christie's.

A selection of distinguished artists and celebrities expressed themselves on canvas for this great cause.

The Hare Ball at The Dorchester marked the climax of HAIRraising’s first year, which has now raised over £800,000. If you didn’t make the ball you can still buy the limited edition hardback book showing the 220 canvases created  by some of the world’s top hairdressers, artists and celebrities.

Summer 2010 saw a herd of 260 brightly painted elephants push their way into London life when they took up residence in neighbourhoods and landmarks over the capital. 

For two glorious months the exhibition mopped up over 500 press articles, 10 hours of TV and radio air time and reached an audience of 25 million people.

An astonishing 4.1m was raised at the auction. This is great news for Asian elephants, whose numbers have fallen by 90% in the last 100 years.


'Julia's Elephant' was Initially situated outside the Royal Festival Hall in London, before being moved temporarily to Leicester Square along with a small group of elephants, as part of a weekend festival taking place there.

From there it was moved  along with all the other elephants, to the grounds of Chelsea Royal Hospital for the remaining few days of the parade. All the elephants were then auctioned off by Sothebys.


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